Alex Whiteside

    I've designed, scaled and led implementation of systems that serve millions of users in regulated industries.

    Software Architect

    I've build apps in a garage, launched on stage at Techcrunch Distrupt and learned a number of things along the way.


    I lead by example and try to raise the bar and help others meet or exceed it.


a hands-on, technical leader and staff+ engineer who turns ideas into robust systems used by millions of consumers and hundreds of enterprises .

believes in the power of simplicity, quality, and strategy to scale both systems and organizations.

brings 10+ years of experience spanning engineering , product and marketing roles, providing a unique perspective to any domain.

is knowledgable about a wide range of patterns, platforms and languages, with particular depth in the Typescript , React React , Kubernetes , Amazon Web Services AWS and Java * ecosystems.

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"Luck is the residue of design"